Group of Workers’ Compensation Law Professors Launching New Blog

I’m pleased to announce that I have just joined a group of workers’ compensation law professors in launching a new national blog.

Our first post:

The editors of the Workers’ Compensation Law Professors’ Blog welcome you to our new initiative. The Blog will be academically (but not merely theoretically) focused. While interested in noting and discussing important news in the United States and international workers’ compensation communities, the primary mission of the blog will be to analyze carefully significant workers’ compensation doctrinal and policy developments of interest to law school teachers and researchers of workers’ compensation law. The co-editors and contributing editors all teach workers’ compensation law in American Law Schools. A hallmark of the blog will accordingly be a depth of reflection and analysis that will be of greatest benefit to our students and to the craft of teaching and writing formally about workers’ compensation law. Most, if not all, of the law teacher-editors on board here are, or have been, directly involved in the practice of workers’ compensation law. We are excited to discuss the theory, doctrine, and practice of workers’ compensation law and believe deeply that workers’ compensation law is wonderfully suited to the experiential method of teaching that has become so important to law schools in recent years. We deeply appreciate your regularly checking in on our endeavors.

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